Who is Justin “The Credit Bureau Boss”

Born near Raised in Baltimore MD, I’m no stranger to what struggle and borderline poverty looks like. Yes you had a few here and there that weren’t in that situation, but myself had most people I knew had little to no money. In my 32 years of life I’ve done every kind of work there is from enlisting in the military, to selling door to door cable, to construction management. For most, the idea of “Working” is the way to succeed and get what you want out of life. I slowly started to realize that it wasn’t only about hard work, but credit.
Credit was what was missing in my life. At that point, I was a husband and father of 2. I went to McDonald’s to get my family something to eat and every single one of my credit cards were maxed out! It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. This started the downward spiral into me filing bankruptcy. I hit rock bottom. That is when I realized Not only was credit missing, but my knowledge of how to use it properly was missing.
A change had to be made. I began to study mid study and study. I began to help myself and my family live the kind of life we wanted to live.

Bought My wife And I new rides same day…

Took My wife on vacation to the islands…

Flew my Entire family to our home in Texas for the Holidays…

Next thing I knew, Clients started rolling in. Fast forward years later, I’ve now helped over 500 clients repair credit scores from as low as 480, get as high as 820! 

I am now a husband, father of 4 and A CERTIFIED Credit Bureau Boss! My goal is to create as many Credit Bureau Bosses as I can. The difference between myself and other companies is that I lived through what my clients are going through. Nonstop collections calls, constant application denials, bankruptcy all of it. I have been there, and I’m now on the other side. You can be too.

Its time to become the BOSS of your credit!